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The DVD comes with special Bonus Material (Making of Documentary, Outtakes, World Premiere...) that is only available on this DVD!

For any questions or for details if you would like to pay via bank transfer, please contact us at


click to enlarge Five close college friends, estranged by life, reunite after twenty years over a weekend in a remote castle.

Over the course of their happy (yet awkward) reunion, they slowly discover how each has gotten trapped in a life that pales to the life they imagined for themselves - and for each other.

Before the weekend is over, everyone will have to learn that sometimes you have to close one door before ANOTHER ONE OPENS.


click to enlarge ANOTHER ONE OPENS is a FULLY IMPROVISED feature film by filmmaker Nicolas Neuhold and THE ENGLISH LOVERS.

It was created without a script, using instead the unique story-telling experience of the ENGLISH LOVERS, who have improvised literally thousands of stories in front of excited audiences.